Jun 2, 2016

Late May Garden Tour

Here is a look at my garden in late May.  The weather has been very cool and rainy so far this spring so not much was in bloom yet.

Apr 3, 2016

Grilled Flatbread

Finally the weather is warming up! One of my favorite things about Spring and Summer is grilling.  Grilled Flatbread is so easy and versatile, don't let the thought of grilling dough scare you off from trying this recipe.  Making flatbread on the grill adds a wonder flavor to the bread.  And I love being able to cook the entire meal on the grill to minimize running in and out of the house during meal prep time. 

Flatbread Recipe

1 T. quick rise yeast
1 cup lukewarm water
1 tsp.salt 
1 tsp. sugar
1 T. olive oil
3 cups flour
1 additional cup lukewarm water

In a mixer or food processor, Mix yeast and 1 cup water, allow it to set for a few minutes. Add salt, sugar, olive oil and flour.  Then slowly add more water.  You may not need the entire cup.  It varies each time you make the recipe.  Just add enough so the dough is moist, but not sticky. Cover and allow it to rise for about an hour.  Then spread out on oiled baking sheet.  I divide it in two pieces, so it is easier to manage on the grill.  

 2-3 T olive oil
herb of your choice, I use dried italian seasoning when I don't have fresh herbs on hand
1 tsp. minced garlic

Coat one side on dough and place on preheated grill. Cook until firm and it has good grill marks. Coat other side with topping and flip, again grill until cooked through and it has good grill marks.  

We enjoy eating as a side with meals, with hummus or marinara sauce or turn them into pizzas. So YUMMY!  

Apr 1, 2016

Spring $5 Goodwill Challenge

I love doing this challenge each season hosted by Hilary at My So Called Home on Youtube.  This time I struggled to find items that I really wanted to bring into my home even at the $5 price point.  I have been purging quite a bit lately and only have a few areas of my home left to do, so I really looked at what I wanted to bring into my home differently this time.  I finally found some items that I really liked and knew I would enjoy having in my home and that could also be functional too.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I found.