May 31, 2013

Jewelry storage and a Fugly to fab project

I have been looking for a few new jewelry storage options for my bracelets and necklaces.  I have a smallish jewelry box and didn't really want a bigger I was on the hunt for some other options.
I found this awesome shelf and hanging storage piece at TJ Maxx.  I am using it to store some lotions on top and jewelry on the bottom.

Now the fugly to fab project.  I found this wooden pedastal at Goodwill for $ was ugly stained wood, but I saw the potential and spray painted it the minute I got it home(impatient DIYer so no before photos....sorry).  I used my favorite color Heirloom White to make it FAB!!  The following week I was in a different Goodwill and found another one I might have squealed when I saw it on the shelf.  So now I have a matching set to put on my dresser.  I am using the to store my bracelets.  I love that I can see them and don't have to dig around.  I am wearing all my jewelry more now too! 

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