Jan 3, 2013

A little rescue work

So I have wanted to do something to help dogs for a long time.  I   always had reasons why now wasn't the right time.  Well at the end of the summer of 2012 my daughter encouraged/nagged me to apply to be a foster for a local dog rescue.  We did just that and brought home this very scared girl soon after.

Even though she was scared of EVERYTHING when she first came to us....she is the sweetest dog.  It took some time to overcome her fear.  She still can be scared in some situations, but she has come so far in a few months.  We all grew to love her and well.......
Well we were foster failures!  

Here is a recent picture of her....doesn't she look different? We are so glad that she is part of the family now.  We are continuing to foster.....more on that in another post.


Jan 2, 2013

Office Drawer in Kitchen....Get organized

Office Drawer in the Kitchen

One of the best ideas I had when we were doing our remodel was to add this cabinet to our kitchen design.  It looks like a two drawer cabinet from the outside but inside is has  hidden drawer. I utilize this as a mini office in the kitchen.

It has our family calendar, note paper, post its, stapler, scissors, tape, pens, pencils, glue, ruler and much more!  I have organized it using containers to keep the area tidy.  It works most of the time! 

Jan 1, 2013

New Year....getting organized and blogging

I never intended to be away from blogging this long. I did a blog makeover and then stop blogging.....not the smartest move ever!! But with the New Year upon us I really want to get back to blogging regularly again.  

I have made some goals for the New Year........yeah the same old ones from every year eat better, exercise, drink more water......yadda yadda yadda!

But some of the other areas I would like to focus on are completing home projects and crafts that have been on my to do list for FAR too long.  Also, more consistent menu planning.  Continue to organize my home.  Use what we have and if we don't love or use it....let it go!  

Enjoy the moments more!  Have more fun!  Just enjoy life!  

What are your goals for the new year?