Feb 16, 2012

Angel Food Cake with amazing caramel topping!

This is family favorite! It is usually requested for every family birthday. It is so yummy but SO easy! 

So simple and so amazingly yummy!

I don't even have a written recipe anymore.  I can make it from memory after all these years.

You need:
1 container of cool whip
1 container caramel ice cream topping
1 pack of 6 heath bars or large bag of mini bars

Crush up the heath bars....I use a food processor.  Mix all the ingredients together.  I cut my angel food cake in 3 layers then top and eat!!! YUM YUM!

Feb 12, 2012

Tray decorated for Valentine's Day!

Here is my tray from my last post decorated for Valentine's Day!  Isn't it cute!

I need to come up with some ideas to decorate it for Spring now!