Jan 19, 2012

Pinterest Project-Tray for dining room table

Anyone else addicted to Pinterest?  Yeah.....me neither haha!

I saw a tray project on Pinterest that I knew would work well on my dining room table.  My Dad made it for me with scraps of wood he had on hand.

I forgot to take a before picture until I had started to paint in already! 

I can see decorating it for every season and holiday!  

I am linking up to the I Made It! Monday

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Carole Burant said...

Nope, I'm not addicted to Pinterest at all. Ok, ok, maybe just a bit. Waaaaaaaa I'm addicted to it! LOL My brain has been exploding with all the fantastic ideas found on there. I love what you did with that tray and as you say, you'll have so much fun decorating it for the different holidays/seasons:-) xoxo

Unknown said...

Beautiful! You did a fabulous job with that! I am, of course, totally addicted to Pinterest, but have had to limit the projects I actually complete to ones I can do by myself ( no power tools due to my amazing clumsiness) until I can get my husband to show some interest in some of the larger projects I've pinned - I haven't given up hope!

Diane @ Philzendia said...

I really love what you did with that tray. It looks really nice.

andie@multiplemama said...

Love that you admit to forgetting the before pic. I'm in the middle of cleaning up before it occurs to me I could have blogged about it... At least you caught yourself! Love the tray.