Jan 15, 2012

How a leaky faucet leads to a mini bathroom remodel!

So last weekend we had a leaky faucet in one of our bathrooms!  Hubs tried to fix it, but it needed to be replaced.  So since he was going to do that I decided to sand and restain the dresser that we use as a vanity.  And my Dad generously made us a frame to go around the plain old mirror we had in there. 

The Dresser during and after......

The mirror before and after painting(I forgot to take a before the frame picture)

And the finished job!!!

Even though it took up our whole dang weekend.....it turned out great!

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Mrs. S. said...

That looks amazing!

lynette355 said...

Oh Lou Ann that is beautiful...now pop on down to Texas and help me put in my claw foot tub and pedalstil sink.

Carole Burant said...

Hi Lou Ann, thank you so much for delurking and posting a comment on my blog! lol It's given me a chance to come over to your blog and I must say, I love it:-)

That's it, I need to make sure my faucet in the bathroom starts leaking because it needs a total overhaul! A vintage dresser is exactly what I have in mind to use as a vanity. Your mirror looks gorgeous as well with the frame around it.

Yes, Pinterest is indeed very addictive, I'm spending wayyyy too much time on there but oh what fun it is:-) So many ideas, so little time to do them! lol xox