Jan 19, 2012

Pinterest Project-Tray for dining room table

Anyone else addicted to Pinterest?  Yeah.....me neither haha!

I saw a tray project on Pinterest that I knew would work well on my dining room table.  My Dad made it for me with scraps of wood he had on hand.

I forgot to take a before picture until I had started to paint in already! 

I can see decorating it for every season and holiday!  

I am linking up to the I Made It! Monday

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Jan 15, 2012

How a leaky faucet leads to a mini bathroom remodel!

So last weekend we had a leaky faucet in one of our bathrooms!  Hubs tried to fix it, but it needed to be replaced.  So since he was going to do that I decided to sand and restain the dresser that we use as a vanity.  And my Dad generously made us a frame to go around the plain old mirror we had in there. 

The Dresser during and after......

The mirror before and after painting(I forgot to take a before the frame picture)

And the finished job!!!

Even though it took up our whole dang weekend.....it turned out great!

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