Sep 15, 2011

Trying To Find Our New Normal

Well my oldest moved away to college and is loving it!  I am so happy for him and excited about all he has ahead of him.  But things are just not the same around here at all. The house is just not the same without him.  We have been adjusting to the new normal around here.   I knew it would be a tough adjustment......I just didn't know how hard it would be on me. 

I am finally feeling like blogging again. Probably don't have any readers left.  But I plan to blog regularly. 

I have been slightly addicted to Pinterest for awhile so I will be sharing some of the projects I have been working on.  I decided I can't just keep pinning I need to DO THEM!!!!  So that is my goal. 

What have you been up to?  Anyone still out there?  I am also finally back to reading blogs again too.  So I will be visiting your blogs and commenting again too.  Thank for hanging with me for this long babble and this long absence too!


Amy said...

Welcome back! I have been on pinterest quite a bit and am actually doing some of he crafts and trying new recipes. It has been fun. I will start following you there.

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you! SOOO glad college is going well! Of course just when you think you've got the "new normal" figured out the kids tend to throw something else into the mix - like my eldest proposing to his girlfriend Thanksgiving weekend :) I'm thrilled and totally freaked out at the same time. So now I'm pinning wedding stuff on Pinterest . . .