Sep 25, 2010

What's in Your Bag?

I was reading my friend Angie Ballard's blog Ballard Boys
she was linking up to nicegirlnotes So since I have been in a bit of a blogging slump lately I figure this might be a quick and fun post.

Here's what is in my bag.  The only thing not showing is my phone since I was using it to take the picture. It is a Samsung Fascinate.  So there is wallet, lip glosses, soft lips, pen, pencil, tissue, ibuprofen, suntan lotion, lotion, granola bar, planner, mints, gum, rolaids.  The other thing I just realized is missing is my MP3 player.....hmmmmm no idea where that is. 

Show us What's in Your Bag? 
Come on you know you want to!
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Unknown said...

Suntan lotion?? Time to put away the summer stuff and make room for Fall stuff!

Diana said...

You are prepared for anything! Love the cute wallet. :)

I don't carry a bag/purse. *gasp* LOL!

Visiting from the niche-less linkup over at "I Could Be Fake." Nice to meet you! ♥

Christine Wang said...

believe it or not, i am with diana...i don't have a bag! i know, such a shocker for a girl but i just need my wallet and i am good to go.

Janet said...

Stopping by from our SITS group. My purse is a mess. I don't think I'd want the world knowing what's in there!

Laura said...

I can't show you my bag, because I don't carry a purse. If it doesn't fit in my pocket, I don't need it with me. I don't guess I have ever carried a purse (well my memory is a bit off, but as far back as I can remember anyway).

Stopping by from SITS Billy-Goat Tribe!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Here from the Monkey Tribe. I have a bag ... but it's a cheap one like all the other cheap-o ones before it and it becomes a mess in so many ways quite often. I need to just fork out the funds for a nice one, with decent space, functional compartments.

Adding you to my RSS! See ya again soon!

Anonymous said...

I am too ashamed to show my bag! I have just a bit of everything in there and every time I clean it out I wind up needing something that I threw away!

Visiting from the monkey tribe.

Unknown said...

I have so much crap in mine that it would take all day just to list it all!

Visiting from the #monkeytribe! Your newest follower!~Lisa

I am all a twitter about life

mub said...

I cleaned out my purse the other day and found wrenches in there. I wondered how many other women carry wrenches around in their purse... I've since put them back in the toolbox but I just had a good laugh over that one.

Jo Frances said...

Love this post (and all the comments it inspired!)

Another new follower from the monkey tribe,


Unknown said...

Hi there,I found your blog through MBC an I am now following.Would love a follow back at