Jul 28, 2010

Letting them go

You bring your baby home and they need you for EVERYTHING! 

 You raise them and little by little they no longer need you. 

It is hard to let go. 

I know it is how it is supposed to be but it is hard to let you go. 

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Jul 27, 2010

Current addiction makeup videos

I am not that into make up.  I do wear it everyday but it is very basic foundation, blush, mascara, lip gloss.  I love my bare mineral/bare escentuals makeup though! 

But lately I have been slightly addicted to watching Youtube videos on makeup.  I placed an order for some Mark makeup after several recommendations. I ordered highlighter, primer, bronzer.  So I will see how that goes....I can't wait to receive it and give it a try. 

Do you wear makeup daily?  Have any favorites you can't live without? 

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Jul 23, 2010

Is it hot enough for you??

Oh man is it hot.  I am taking 2 or more showers a day.  We are spending plenty of time at the pool.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter.  I like the heat but man this is rough!  I feel like a slug....I went grocery shopping this morning and it about wore me out.  The heat just zaps my energy. 

How are you surviving the heat?

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Jul 9, 2010

Grilled Pizza

Have you ever tried making grilled pizza?  It is so yummy you have to try it. We make our own pizza quite a bit here.  And in the summer we love to grill it.  Today I used the Pioneer Women's dough recipe.  We made a chicken bruschetta pizza, chicken bbq, pepperoni and supreme.  YUM YUM YUM!!!
All I do it roll out the dough we make them 6 inches round coat both sides with olive oil.  Grill one side, then put on topping to the grilled side put it back on the grill to finish the other side and melt the cheese!
Let me know if you give it a try!

SORRY there are no pictures to share my family devoured it as soon as it was finished.

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Jul 6, 2010

Great intentions

Well my blogging is seriously lacking!  I had great intentions to blog more regularly but it sure hasn't happened yet. I have some vacation posts in the works, but we have been busy enjoying summer hence the lack of blog action.  Thanks for those of you that have hung around!  Hope you are all having a great summer!!!!!

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Jul 1, 2010

Doggie Day Care

I am dog sitting for my parents for the next 12 days.  They did the same for us during our vacation last week.  The one in the front is theirs the other two are ours. Are they so cute? The all get along so well.  

I am working on some vacation posts but thought I would share with you what is keeping me busy right now.
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