Apr 27, 2010

Peanut Butter Fingers

I made these today.......as you can see I should have taken the picture sooner before the kids got to them!!!! 

The cupboards are a little bare and I haven't gotten to the store. So I was looking for recipes to make with ingredients I had on hand.  So I tried making these Peanut Butter Finger recipe.  They are yummy and the kids both loved them.  I would defintely make them again!!!

Apr 26, 2010

How many is too many?????

Just wondering how many pairs of shoes are too many to buy at one time? I hate shoe shopping. I have a wide foot so it is hard to find shoes that fit well and are comfortable and stylish/cute! So I was out shopping with my daughter the other day....I was on the hunt for a pair of black teva flip flops. I have a pair that I have worn out so wanted a new pair. Welllllllll I found those and 6 other shoes I like and that fit! So ya know what I did......yup.....bought them all!!!!!

I have never ever bought that many at one time. But knew I need new summer shoes and they were very reasonably priced LOL.

Apr 25, 2010

Getting to Know You!

My bloggy friend Melanie southerncomfortinanorthernlife  had this as her blog post today so I decided to join in.  Head on over to mannland5 to join in!!!

1. If you could star in any movie genre..what would it be..romance..horror..comedy..suspense or action?

definitely comedy

2. Do you recycle?


3. Have you ever been to a strip club?


4. Do you have a nickname?

Yes Lucy

5. What's a name you can't stand to be called?


6. What are your Summer staples?

Flip flop and suntan lotion

7. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?

A dress at Target last night

8. Are you happy with your boob size?


Apr 20, 2010

Lack of blogging=Motivation

Well since the return of my long lost motivation........I have been lacking in the blogging department it seems.  I have many things I think oh I should blog about that....but never seem to get around to it.  But good news is lots is getting done around here....including me exercising again.  Many good things have come from this motivation but my blog has suffered.  I will be back my friends.......don't leave me....I will be back!!!!

Apr 14, 2010


Hello there motivation....you have been missed!  Thanks for coming back I was beginning to wonder if you ever would.  We have lots to do so let's get busy!!!

Apr 8, 2010


The car my teen son drives is infested with SPIDERS!!!!!!! Not just a few spiders......a ton of spiders inside and outside the car.

We have tried spraying and bombing the car.  Nothing worked.  So we had an exterminator come out today and try to get rid of them.  I worry enough with him driving....I don't want to worry that he is freaked about spiders crawling all over him while driving. 

Apr 7, 2010

Sad Day

My parents had to put their cocker spaniel to sleep today.  He was 13 years old.  I remember the day my son and I went with them to pick him out.  My parents let my son pick the puppy out!  Blarney was such a sweet and loveable dog.  We are all so sad that he is gone.  It brings back memories of our dog passing away....just so sad!  They are such an important part of the family.  Blarney you will be missed!!!

Apr 1, 2010

The projects keep rollin' over here!!!

Here is what I will spending the next part of my Spring Break doing........

Anyone want to come help??

Small fugly to fab project

I was cleaning out some closets....ya know that Spring cleaning stuff!!!

And found these beauties......well not so much. 

But after a couple coats of Heirloom White paint they look fabulous in my dining room cabinet!