Mar 30, 2010

Room redo

I spent the first few days of my Spring break painting my daughter's room.  She got a new comforter for her birthday and I promised her we could repaint her room.  She was OVER the little girl pink and wanted something more grown up.  So she picked 3 colors that coordinated with her comforter.  I was a little worried about how BOLD the colors she picked were....but it all looks great together. We also painted part of one wall with chalkboard paint.  Then another wall with dry erase paint she plans to write on this, but also use it as a background for her overhead projector.  She is so happy with how everything turned out and I was happy to do it for her. 

Mar 13, 2010

What's in my....a little late!

My awesome bloggy friend  Danielle you have got to check her out here....  Danielle at Who's That Girl.  I was so lucky to meet her at bloggy boot camp last weekend.  She is cool, hip and lots of fun. 

Well..... she has a new meme What's in your?.....this week it is CLOSET.  I am a tad bit late sharing mine because....well honestly I had to straighten mine before I could share it.  So here it is not perfect but passable now at least.

There ya have it in all its glory. It sure is missing the cute factor that Danielle has in her closet.  I am gonna have to work on that! 

Mar 11, 2010

From Fugly to Fab

So I found this coffee table at goodwill a few weeks ago for a whopping $14.  It  is a nice sturdy piece....good bones! I love the shape of the legs and the shelf.  But, but it was NOT so pretty!
So I gave it a good sanding and painting and now it is looking fabulous! I painted it with Heirloom White and I am love with the color. 

Found some cute baskets that fit on the shelf perfectly!
I love it now!  Can't decide where to put it though.  Either my living room or our game room.  Decisions...decisions!!!!

Mar 10, 2010

Banana Bundt Cake and a confession!

My favorite way to use up bananas is this cake!

Bananas and Cream Bundt Cake

I honestly have a serious obsession with bundt pans.  I have far too many!  All different shapes and sizes!  Weird right???

Here's the recipe Bananas-N-Cream Bundt Cake

Mar 7, 2010

Bloggy Boot Camp

Bloggy Boot Camp was AWESOME! My head is spinning from all I learned and now want to do with my blog. I met so many great bloggers and admired others from afar(too nervous to meet them).

Thanks so much to SITS and Tiffany for making the day so fun, informative and inspiring!

If you get a chance to attend Bloggy boot camp....I say go for it! I really hope to be able to attend the boot camp in Philly.

Mar 4, 2010

You would think

You would think that a gal who was attending a blogging conference would be writing witty posts on the days leading up to that conference. I keep reading about everyone getting ready for bloggy boot camp. New clothes, new shoes, new bags! New notebook, mani, pedi!!

Well, here is what I am going to be sporting at boot camp. A red nose from all the blowing I have been doing the last few days. Several fabulous cold sores have popped up on my lips too! Oh yeah I am going to be looking FINE at boot camp. My purse will be stuffed full of goodies like...tissues, cold meds, cough drops, and hand sanitizer. Might not be able to fit my business cards in there!

Don't be jealous while I am looking all fabulous! OMG can I wear a bag on my head maybe.

Mar 2, 2010

So sick

I don't know what I have......but man I feel so sick right now! Be back soon hopefully!