Feb 6, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday

Today is my daughters 11th birthday! Happy Birthday Doodle!!!

We are snowed in here in Maryland....but trying to make the best of it. We are on about Plan C since we can't leave the house.


adrienne said...

I remember the snow storms when I used to live up north. I loved snow as a kid but now...not so much. Actually, I take that back. I live in the south so when it snows the city shuts down and there's no work.Yes!!

Is your daughter a movie fanatic? maybe having a movie marathon with ice cream and any other not so good for you snack. Just the girls.

Or maybe baking together?
Is she artsy? Maybe crafts.

I don't know. It's been so long since I was eleven and I was a tomboy. So I know I'm no help. lol

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Shelle said...

I hope your daughter had a great Birthday even with being snowed in! We got lots of snow here in PA too.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Happy SITS Saturday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! :)

We're still shoveling out here, too - we're about an hour North of Maryland. :)

I was right below you on the SITS Roll Call and noticed you're thinking about going to the Bloggy Bootcamp - PLEASE DO!! I'm going, and I'm nervous as all get-out... we can hang together and maybe we'll both get over our introvertedness. :)

Melissa B. said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! We're snowed in here in NoVa, too. No school tomorrow. Maybe we'll get year-round school yet!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Happy Birthday!!!

LOL can you tunnel out :)