Jan 2, 2010

Well.....not like I planned

Christmas break is certainly not turning out as I had planned!

My Dad has been in the hospital twice in the last two weeks. Had two surgeries this week! We are hopeful he will get to come home this weekend. I normally love Christmas break each year....time at home with the kids....no schedule just hanging out. Well we haven't had much of that these last two weeks.....and break is almost over!!!! Don't get me wrong...I am so thankful that Dad is going to be fine in a few weeks time! I just missed my Christmas break....can I get a redo...do over?????


lynette355 said...

one do over granted....just don't know that my texas wishes will help you up in the land of the snow

Bacardi Mama said...

I wish you could get a redo, but it's great that your dad is going to be okay.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OH no I'm sorry to hear of your dad. But big bummer you didn't get a real break. We all need a break to regroup :).

Glad he'll be coming home soon. Maybe you can sneak away for a spa pedicure? ;)

Mimi's Toes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is delightful! I love the music and feeling of enchantment. So nice to meet you. I use to teach pre-school years ago and loved it.

Juliana said...

Oh no! I really am sorry to hear this and hope he recovers quickly! I love your blog background, I had it on my page for a very long time!

I am a new follower. Pop on by to my bloggy blog and follow if you would like. I am doing my very first giveaway!!! It is nice to "meet" you!

~Juliana from A Blond In A Blog!