Jan 16, 2010

Project overload????

Well I have been SLOWLY working on cleaning and reaorganizing throughout the house.

At the the same time working on a bunch of side projects
-painting a few found treasures
-hanging curtains(trying to do some Nester window mistreatments....a work in progress LOL)
-bathroom updates

I think I may have too many things going on at once LOL. I get so many wonderful ideas from reading other blogs while it is great.....I then want to do it all!!! FOCUS!!!!

Today I am going to start decrapifying our office....while at the same time putting a second coat of paint on my projects. Multitasking!!!

Can you relate at all? Tell me I am not crazy..........


Bacardi Mama said...

So, it looks like you found your motivation. Good job.

Janet said...

Umm Yes I Can Totally Relate! My husband said no more projects. We are actually laying wood floors while remodeling the kitchen and way too many other projects. I love your blog background. I love blue and brown.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

That's It! "Decrapifying" -- I have a spare bedroom that needs that (if not to be just boarded up and never mentioned again!)

Thanks for your kind visit -- it's hard to lose a loved one and the sweetness of fellow bloggers never met is amazing. Thank you.

Brenda Eason said...

Your not crazy! I just told someone I feel like im going in circles and going no where. When I start one thing I mess up another room. Never ending here=)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh man I try so hard but it just keeps coming and I think it multiplies at night when I go to sleep ... LOL :)