Dec 28, 2010

Mission Organization!

I spent yesterday recovery from all the hustle and bustle of the season.  Now I am going to focus on getting my house organized.  I have a few redecorating ideas that I plan to tackle too.

Yesterday I cleaned out my was in horrendous condition.  I straightened it out and removed 2 bags of clothes for donation. Today my daughter and I went through her dresser and closet.  Totally reorganized and purged things.  Another bag for donation.

I plan to join   21 Day Organizing Challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons!  Come join the challenge! 

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Nov 28, 2010

Decking the halls-Outside

                                      Our house at night...sorry these pictures aren't                                       better. I was using  my cell phone.                  

Outside decorations in daylight( not a great pic)

                                                   My new ribbon and bows that I                       got a fantastic deal on at Michael's on Thanksgiving

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Nov 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  I love that it is just about family and food.  I have so much to be thankful for this year.  I look forward to spending the whole day with family enjoying the time rarely happens lately so I plan to soak it all in today.

Thank you to my bloggy friends who have stuck around.  I appreciate each of you and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2010

Pumpkin Bundt and a BIG MESS!!!!

Well I decided to make a pumpkin bundt cake yesterday.  I love all things pumpkin and I have a slight obsession with bundt it was a perfect match.  See how half of it is nearly missing and the horrible photo.....

Well here's why.....I broke my glass cake dome into a gazillion I spent about a half an hour cleaning that huge mess up.  By the time I went to take the pic of my bundt it looked like this........I think they like it!

Nov 16, 2010


Well it has been a long time since I wrote anything here on my little blog.  I have fallen out of love with blogging in general.  I think part of the reason is two major parts of my life are off limits to my blog about.  My kids don't want me to blog anything about them and I totally respect that.  Also, my work as a preschool teacher is not something I can really share here.

So......... I have decided that I will blog about the things I love to do.  First is home decor and repurposing fugly to fab stuff.  Also cooking and recipes are something else I love especially now that the weather is chilly.

I hope some of my old bloggy friends are still around!  And I hope to meet some new friends too.

Stay tuned for good stuff to come.  I am thinking first up is pumpkin muffins!

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Sep 25, 2010

What's in Your Bag?

I was reading my friend Angie Ballard's blog Ballard Boys
she was linking up to nicegirlnotes So since I have been in a bit of a blogging slump lately I figure this might be a quick and fun post.

Here's what is in my bag.  The only thing not showing is my phone since I was using it to take the picture. It is a Samsung Fascinate.  So there is wallet, lip glosses, soft lips, pen, pencil, tissue, ibuprofen, suntan lotion, lotion, granola bar, planner, mints, gum, rolaids.  The other thing I just realized is missing is my MP3 player.....hmmmmm no idea where that is. 

Show us What's in Your Bag? 
Come on you know you want to!
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Sep 7, 2010

Hello is this thing on......

So I have been kind of quiet here on the old bloggity blog.   Really been busy getting ready for the school year and enjoying the last of summer.  Kids are back in school now....first year of middle school and senior year...YIKES!!!! I am off this week then my classes start next week. Going to enjoy this time and get some stuff done.  Hoping the old blog sees some more action now that we are getting back in the groove! 

Thanks for sticking around!

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Aug 18, 2010

Will it ever be done?

So tis the season to get my classroom ready for theschool year ahead! Oh my what a huge job this is every year. But even more so this year since I decided to reaarange the entire room.(Totally regretting that idea now let me tell you)  My daughter and I have gone in working hours and hours AND still not even close to being ready!  I just wanna cry from exhaustion!!

I need the classroom fairy to stop on by and work some magic....pretty please!!!!

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Jul 28, 2010

Letting them go

You bring your baby home and they need you for EVERYTHING! 

 You raise them and little by little they no longer need you. 

It is hard to let go. 

I know it is how it is supposed to be but it is hard to let you go. 

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Jul 27, 2010

Current addiction makeup videos

I am not that into make up.  I do wear it everyday but it is very basic foundation, blush, mascara, lip gloss.  I love my bare mineral/bare escentuals makeup though! 

But lately I have been slightly addicted to watching Youtube videos on makeup.  I placed an order for some Mark makeup after several recommendations. I ordered highlighter, primer, bronzer.  So I will see how that goes....I can't wait to receive it and give it a try. 

Do you wear makeup daily?  Have any favorites you can't live without? 

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Jul 23, 2010

Is it hot enough for you??

Oh man is it hot.  I am taking 2 or more showers a day.  We are spending plenty of time at the pool.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter.  I like the heat but man this is rough!  I feel like a slug....I went grocery shopping this morning and it about wore me out.  The heat just zaps my energy. 

How are you surviving the heat?

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Jul 9, 2010

Grilled Pizza

Have you ever tried making grilled pizza?  It is so yummy you have to try it. We make our own pizza quite a bit here.  And in the summer we love to grill it.  Today I used the Pioneer Women's dough recipe.  We made a chicken bruschetta pizza, chicken bbq, pepperoni and supreme.  YUM YUM YUM!!!
All I do it roll out the dough we make them 6 inches round coat both sides with olive oil.  Grill one side, then put on topping to the grilled side put it back on the grill to finish the other side and melt the cheese!
Let me know if you give it a try!

SORRY there are no pictures to share my family devoured it as soon as it was finished.

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Jul 6, 2010

Great intentions

Well my blogging is seriously lacking!  I had great intentions to blog more regularly but it sure hasn't happened yet. I have some vacation posts in the works, but we have been busy enjoying summer hence the lack of blog action.  Thanks for those of you that have hung around!  Hope you are all having a great summer!!!!!

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Jul 1, 2010

Doggie Day Care

I am dog sitting for my parents for the next 12 days.  They did the same for us during our vacation last week.  The one in the front is theirs the other two are ours. Are they so cute? The all get along so well.  

I am working on some vacation posts but thought I would share with you what is keeping me busy right now.
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Jun 30, 2010

Back to Reality

We just returned from was an amazing trip. I don't want to get back to reality....laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping.....BLAHHHHHH! 

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Jun 18, 2010


Last year....when I didn't have anything else I could think to blog about....I would write 5 things I am grateful for.  I am going to get back in that habit.  I often need to be reminded just how much I have to be grateful life is truly blessed and I need to focus more on the positive  Sometimes I get far too busy or caught up in all the things that seem to be going wrong. 
So here goes....
-my kids they are really great kids....even when they are driving me nutso
-iced tea on a hot day
-Belle and Luca our dogs they are just so sweet and loveable
-my gardens....I just love flowers and puttering in the gardens.
-fruity summery explanation needed on this one

What are you grateful for?

CSN Stores.......check them out!!!

I was contacted by Jess at  CSN Stores to do a review for them!  I was excited to check their sites should too!!  The have every thing you could ask for with great selection and prices too.

I love the  Bedroom Vanity selection.  They have so many different styles and sizes to choose.  I can't even pick a favorite. 

So while you wait for my review please check them out!
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Chocolate banana swirl squares

These are a favorite around here to use up ripe bananas!

Jun 15, 2010

Emotional Day

Today is the last day of school for my kids.  My daughter has her elementary farewell ceremony....sniff baby girl is off to middle school next year.  As if that weren't enough my son will be a high school senior next year.  Not sure this mama can handle all that! 

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Jun 7, 2010


Here are some clematis from my garden! They are one of my favorites. 

Jun 4, 2010

What I want to do this summer?

Every summer we make a list of activities we want to do over the summer.  This years list is in progress..... it will be a bit different than in years past......with college visits and hubby traveling extensively.  But I am trying to roll with the punches.  We will fit in plenty of fun and relaxing!

I am making my own list of things I want to do over the summer:

-Read read read!!!

-Continue exercising daily

-Have FUN with my family!! Enjoy the little moments!

-Organize/Deep clean some areas of the house that need attention

-Spend time in my garden

-Try new recipes

-Take more pictures and learn more about my camera

-Work on my needs some serious attention

Jun 2, 2010

What's for dinner!!!

Yummmmmmmm!  I made one of my favorite summer time meals for dinner tonight.  Grilled chicken, green salad and fruit salad. 

Jun 1, 2010


146 let me say that again 146....that is the number of viruses, spy ware and malware found on our laptop  .  We are glad to have it back and in working order.  I was afraid we would have to buy a new one.

So much for the security software we had in doesn't seem to quite be doing its job!

May 31, 2010

I am on summer vacation!!!

FINALLY!  I finished up work on Thursday.  All I have left is a couple meetings and some work in my classroom. 

So I have been working on projects around the house.  Feels good to be crossing things off my to do list.  My calendar is still pretty full of activities for the next few weeks.  But at least I am not trying to work while doing all the other stuff too.  So much less stressful!

My kids have another 2 1/2 weeks of school left.  So I am trying to get as much done as I can before they finish up for the year.  I can't believe I will have a senior and a middle schooler next year!  How is that possible?

May 22, 2010

Jam packed calendar

Oh my does any one else have a calendar that is overflowing with stuff??  The entire month of May and the first few weeks of June are jam packed with concerts, field trips, meetings, award ceremonies and end of the year activities.  I feel like we are barely keeping our heads above water right now......trying to just take it one day at a time.  But I am feeling totally overwhelmed right now! 

May 11, 2010

Planned to blog about

Well I had a plan today to take pictures and blog about my flowers and gardens.  But it was raining by the time I got home from work.  So that will have to wait for nicer weather!

I haven't planted my veggie garden yet because the weather has been so cold.  We have had frost the last few nights too.

Spring weather has gone....please come back we miss you!!!

Apr 27, 2010

Peanut Butter Fingers

I made these you can see I should have taken the picture sooner before the kids got to them!!!! 

The cupboards are a little bare and I haven't gotten to the store. So I was looking for recipes to make with ingredients I had on hand.  So I tried making these Peanut Butter Finger recipe.  They are yummy and the kids both loved them.  I would defintely make them again!!!

Apr 26, 2010

How many is too many?????

Just wondering how many pairs of shoes are too many to buy at one time? I hate shoe shopping. I have a wide foot so it is hard to find shoes that fit well and are comfortable and stylish/cute! So I was out shopping with my daughter the other day....I was on the hunt for a pair of black teva flip flops. I have a pair that I have worn out so wanted a new pair. Welllllllll I found those and 6 other shoes I like and that fit! So ya know what I did......yup.....bought them all!!!!!

I have never ever bought that many at one time. But knew I need new summer shoes and they were very reasonably priced LOL.

Apr 25, 2010

Getting to Know You!

My bloggy friend Melanie southerncomfortinanorthernlife  had this as her blog post today so I decided to join in.  Head on over to mannland5 to join in!!!

1. If you could star in any movie genre..what would it be..romance..horror..comedy..suspense or action?

definitely comedy

2. Do you recycle?


3. Have you ever been to a strip club?


4. Do you have a nickname?

Yes Lucy

5. What's a name you can't stand to be called?


6. What are your Summer staples?

Flip flop and suntan lotion

7. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?

A dress at Target last night

8. Are you happy with your boob size?


Apr 20, 2010

Lack of blogging=Motivation

Well since the return of my long lost motivation........I have been lacking in the blogging department it seems.  I have many things I think oh I should blog about that....but never seem to get around to it.  But good news is lots is getting done around here....including me exercising again.  Many good things have come from this motivation but my blog has suffered.  I will be back my friends.......don't leave me....I will be back!!!!

Apr 14, 2010


Hello there have been missed!  Thanks for coming back I was beginning to wonder if you ever would.  We have lots to do so let's get busy!!!

Apr 8, 2010


The car my teen son drives is infested with SPIDERS!!!!!!! Not just a few spiders......a ton of spiders inside and outside the car.

We have tried spraying and bombing the car.  Nothing worked.  So we had an exterminator come out today and try to get rid of them.  I worry enough with him driving....I don't want to worry that he is freaked about spiders crawling all over him while driving. 

Apr 7, 2010

Sad Day

My parents had to put their cocker spaniel to sleep today.  He was 13 years old.  I remember the day my son and I went with them to pick him out.  My parents let my son pick the puppy out!  Blarney was such a sweet and loveable dog.  We are all so sad that he is gone.  It brings back memories of our dog passing away....just so sad!  They are such an important part of the family.  Blarney you will be missed!!!

Apr 1, 2010

The projects keep rollin' over here!!!

Here is what I will spending the next part of my Spring Break doing........

Anyone want to come help??

Small fugly to fab project

I was cleaning out some closets....ya know that Spring cleaning stuff!!!

And found these beauties......well not so much. 

But after a couple coats of Heirloom White paint they look fabulous in my dining room cabinet!

Mar 30, 2010

Room redo

I spent the first few days of my Spring break painting my daughter's room.  She got a new comforter for her birthday and I promised her we could repaint her room.  She was OVER the little girl pink and wanted something more grown up.  So she picked 3 colors that coordinated with her comforter.  I was a little worried about how BOLD the colors she picked were....but it all looks great together. We also painted part of one wall with chalkboard paint.  Then another wall with dry erase paint she plans to write on this, but also use it as a background for her overhead projector.  She is so happy with how everything turned out and I was happy to do it for her.