Jun 1, 2009

My gardens

Here are a few pictures I took out in my yard today.

My clematis
Newly planted pots on the deck

My herbs on the deck

My newest garden project. It still needs to fill in a bit.

My pond

My potting shed


Nichole said...

I'm waiting for my plants to fill in too. I'm horrible with all plants though so hopefully they make it through the summer!

Love the pond and is that a solar light I spy in one of you pots?! Hmm...I may be "stealing" that idea from you :o)

Chris said...

I am madly in love with your potting shed! It is adorable. I'm forwarding your pics to my mom. She'll fall in love ALMOST as much as I have. :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm coming to stay ... LOL

LOVE LOVE the pond the shed heck the whole thing! You luck girl taht is one heck of an amazing yard and garden :)

Green said...

All I have is day lillies, and I won't see the flower for about another month.

Missy said...

I love it when I get to peek into other's gardens. It looks so peaceful under your tree.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh how pretty! It's so much fun to beautify the yard. Love that potting shed, it is adorable. Wish I had one of those. Thanks for stopping by!

Charree said...

How beautiful everything is.

Have a blessed day!

Hohni said...

Love the pond and the shed!!! Too cute!!

Nicole said...

Very nice!!! my clematis hasnt bloomed yet. It's getting big but still no flowers.

Denise K. said...

What a beautiful garden!!! You have such a knack...I could just come right on over and sit down and relax! :-)