Mar 2, 2009

Snow Day

Well the kids had a snow day today! I am not even sure how much we has been blowing and drifting like crazy today.

We tried to play outside, but it was miserably we didn't last long. I didn't even take any pictures.

I think we will be back to school and work tomorrow...maybe a delay in the morning though.

Hope you all are keeping warm.


Bacardi Mama said...

How many snow days do you have to make up? I think we are up to four or five. I am so over snow. I could use a little spring!!

Mrs. S. said...

Oh, snow days. I am a teacher and our school has had no snow days. It's good though because we get all of our breaks and we are out pretty early this year!
Be careful on your commute!

Karies place said...

I think the local schools around here have had 1 or 2. Not sure though.

Vicki said...

Snow day? What's a snow day? LOL The only weather related things we've gotten out for were massive amounts of rain and the last hurricane. Oh, I take that back. We've gotten out for ice storms but it's been a long time.

Enjoy your snow :-). Take some pictures if you get a chance. I'd love to see it.