Feb 24, 2009

Stretch Pants

Okay first let me say I am a little bummed I lost a follower of my blog. I haven't had the most exciting blog lately but I am still disappointed. But moving on!!!!

Okay pants with stretch.................. good thing or bad????

Well here are my thoughts on the subject. You maybe get a good 20 or 30 minutes in a stretch pant. Either they are too tight when you first put them on or too loose when they have stretched beyond the perfect size which lasted only a mere 20-30 minutes. Annoying!!!!

I need to new pants I think LOL!!

Any thoughts on this pressing matter?


Anonymous said...

Honey I lost one of my friends on blog too. Im not sure which one it was,but honey we can't make everyone happy. Things happen in our live and blogging is for fun.
Your friend,Brenda

Mrs. S. said...

I think that I see you are following my blog now! Yay! Welcome! I will follow yours so that should help...haha!

Stretch pants...I like them to a point. I can't dry them because they stick to your legs SO tight...then if you wear them for an hour they are really loose. I do like them though...but not with A LOT of stretch so much that they look like leggings...tricky pants! I like slight stretch...that's my verdict.

Nichole said...

Too funny that you posted this because I just lost a follower today too! I don't follow people thru Blogger, I just use my Google Reader.

I have a pair of stretch pants that I wear to bed. Otherwise I'm in lounge pants around the apartment at night. Love them!!

Have a great week!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Well girlie I hope it is like whatever one says that it was just a blogger goof that changed people from public to Anonymous viewer. I got one of my viewers I lost so hopefully the other one will reappear :).

As for stretch pants they my friend are no longer my friend! They like to cling to my not so pretty lumps and bumps. I have found that jeans with stretch do the same thing. So you buy them a size smaller which always is a nice boost to your confidence and then by mid day you can feel your circulation in your legs :).

On the sickness I wish I could say 100% better but not the case. Let's just say I had one of those emergency bathroom cases at work today that was not so pleasant. UGH I hate tummy bugs. There has to be better ways to loose weight ... LOL

Bacardi Mama said...

I go by comments, not followers. I think stretch pants are bad all around. You have such a short window of them fitting the right way.

Karies place said...

I think a lot of people lost followers the last few days. Apparently blogger was having some problems. Even leaving a message on some blogs was not happening. The word verificatin code wasn't loading.

lynette355 said...

heck I just go on to the sweat pants and forget fashion or style.
Summer is shorts
Winter is sweat pants
inside is house dresses


Hohni said...

Stretch pants...as in stretch jeans?? Not for me...I don't have the butt for them!!

It's Always Something Around Here said...

The stretch pants from yesterday were cords. I do have some jeans too.

I need some pants I can wear to work that I don't have to hike up everytime I move all day long LOL

Tiffany said...

I think the perfect pants are really hard to find. A bit of stretch can be nice, but too much = not good.

Green said...

I'm sure it was Blogger, not you.
Discussing pants that fit, is a sore subject right now.
I'm sorry!

Denise K. said...

Ah, this is why I count down until 9 p.m. when I can put on pajamas and not feel guilty! The joys of stretch and NO tightness! Yeah!

I lost a follower last week and also didn't know who it was...perhaps they changed their e-mail address through Google, as I have read you vanish if you do this!

Your loyal followers, (like me!) will always come back for more!!! I just need to add you to our blog roll so I can find you easily and quickly! :-)

Sending love from Colorado,
Denise :-)

lynette355 said...

Sharing our bloggy love with each other. I loved the last email I received from you. I am glad it hit home. Look at the shop she has another on there and can special order too!
Thank you for being a follower. I have given you a TRIPLE AWARD on my blog. Pop over and pick it up. Enjoy all the bloggy love.

Willo said...

No pressing thoughts. I always feel like I need new pants lately :) You were ahead of me today on SITS so I am just stopping by with some luv!

Unknown said...

I like stretch pants on a sunday afternoon. They are great to lounge in and take a nap in!

Charree said...

I never was a big fan of stretch pants for the same reason that you stated above until someone gave me a pair of land's end stretch pants. Now I can't wait until they are out of the dirty clothes so I can wear them.

Have a blessed day!