Feb 6, 2009

A letter challenge "J"

Melissa over at The Land of Foo http://thelandoffoo.blogspot.com/was recently challenged by writing ten things she loved that started with the letter "N". I thought I would play along and she sent me the letter "J". Let’s see how I do…….

1. Jewelry-I don’t wear much but love my wedding set

2. Jazz dancing or any dancing that my daughter Meghan is doing. She loves to dance and it shows!!

3. Juniper- I love the smell of it burning. We got to experience this wonderful scent on a trip to Arizona last January for hubby’s 5oth birthday.

4. Job-I really like the one I have…..it is hard, but good.

5. Joy-seeing joy through my kids eyes is the best!!!!!!!

6. Jeans-finding a pair that fits and looks good there is almost nothing better LOL. I am need of some new ones but hate the whole process of searching for the “right” ones.

7. Jesus…..I am working on this one….my faith has been shaken and not strong in recent years, but I am trying to work on it…but it scares me a bit honestly.

8. Juice- cranberry grape to be specific…I could drink it until my belly hurts…not sure why I like it so much

9. Jam……strawberry on a warm biscuit……YUM!!!!!!

10. John....last but not least …..my hubby…he’s a keeper!!

This was fun and a bit challenging for me....but I laid it out there.

If you want to play along....I can send you a letter too.


Kelly said...

I'll play...as long as I don't get something like the letter X! LOL

Denise K. said...

Great list! I am so impressed at all the clever things you found for the letter "J" Awesome!!! I'd like to play too! Fun! :-)

Green said...

That's a great list!

Missy said...

I love your list, you came up with some great things!

I am Harriet said...

Cute idea.

Shannon said...

Great list! I love reading these.

Bacardi Mama said...

Love your list, but when I did it, I had to do ten least favorite too.

lynette355 said...

Can I play too? It is just me over here jumping up and down with my hand in the air. LOL

BTW--"I am a forty something mother of two great kids...I am a bit of a control freak ... I may forgive but I rarely forget...I will trust you until you give me a reason not to... I am a planner and like to live by a schedule... I am hard working and believe that nothing comes for free... I am moody and sarcastic and sometimes bossy... I'm a hard to get to know at first... I am punctual and tardiness is an irritant... I am honest... I am trustworthy....I am domesticated... I am a bit of a clean and organizing freak... That's about sums up ME!"

This sounds JUST LIKE ME! How did you get my personality on your info? LOL