Feb 18, 2009

Another Week half over

I haven't been around in a few days! Not sure why exactly.

Not feeling that great, work and taking the kiddos hither and yon just sucks the life right out of me lately. The weather is cold and just yucky! I am so ready for Spring and warmer weather.

That's all I got folks....sorry!!!

What is everyone else up to?


Karies place said...

Starting to feel better here after the nasty cold I had last week. Now my kids are getting it, so today has been kind of quiet.

And yes, I too, am so ready for warmer weather.

lynette355 said...

pretty weather here and i still feel like hiding so i understand

Justabeachkat said...

I'm just getting over a nasty stomach bug myself so I haven't been out of the house since we got home on Monday. Maybe tomrrow.....


Green said...

I hear you!
I even posted just a title this am, before getting my actual post out, how lame is that?
It really stinks, we can just about plan on another couple months of yuck before spring hits :(

Denise K. said...

Oh, I sure hope you are feeling better soon! And yes, I agree...driving kiddo's all over town, getting out of the car each time, visitig, and going to the next place while trying to decide, "What will we have for dinner tonight?" is indeed exhausting! I feel for you! Hang in there and take a nap tomorrow! Love from Colorado, Denise :-)