Feb 28, 2009

Long overdue

I am tackling a project that is long overdue....cleaning my clothes closet. I am about half done and gotten rid of more than half my clothes. If I don't like it or haven't worn it out it goes!!! Not sure why I hang on to things for so long, but it all must go. I plan to reward myself with a little shopping spree for a job well done. I never buy myself anything and finally realize I deserve some new nice things to make me feel pretty!

Feb 24, 2009

Stretch Pants

Okay first let me say I am a little bummed I lost a follower of my blog. I haven't had the most exciting blog lately but I am still disappointed. But moving on!!!!

Okay pants with stretch.................. good thing or bad????

Well here are my thoughts on the subject. You maybe get a good 20 or 30 minutes in a stretch pant. Either they are too tight when you first put them on or too loose when they have stretched beyond the perfect size which lasted only a mere 20-30 minutes. Annoying!!!!

I need to new pants I think LOL!!

Any thoughts on this pressing matter?

Feb 23, 2009

Party time!!!

Well the party was a success we:
made bracelets
made individuals pizzas
painted frames
played TP games(see below LOL)
decorated purses
chocolate fountain
watched movies
ate popcorn
ate cupcakes

then I went to bed they stayed up several more hours

This is what it looks like after you play a game where the girls make fancy outfits out of toilet paper. When they are finished let them go crazy. It was definitely a fun party. I was exhausted when it was over.

Feb 20, 2009

Party Prep Time

I am in full on party preparation. My daughter is having her birthday party sleepover tomorrow. So I spent the morning shopping for supplies. Now to set it up and get organized! We have crafts, games and food!!

Feb 18, 2009

Another Week half over

I haven't been around in a few days! Not sure why exactly.

Not feeling that great, work and taking the kiddos hither and yon just sucks the life right out of me lately. The weather is cold and just yucky! I am so ready for Spring and warmer weather.

That's all I got folks....sorry!!!

What is everyone else up to?

Feb 13, 2009


Well girlie went back to school today. She is better, but still weak...thankfully it was only a half day. I went to a meeting, ran errands and tried to catch up around the house. We took Belle to the vet for her shots this afternoon, that was the fastest $100 I have spent in a long time. YIKES!

We are doing pizza and movie night. I am glad the weekend is almost here.

What are you doing?

Feb 12, 2009

Long week of sickness and random stuff

My daughter has been sick all week. She has been running a fever and has cold symptoms. I took her to the DR yesterday and it is strep. She never even complained that her throat hurt. She has such a freakishly high tolerance for pain...it amazes me.

She will be home again today....hopefully the meds will start making her feel better. But last night was the worst for fever and restlessness. She was up and down all night. So we are dragging a bit today.

My son is doing his on road drving lessons this week. Totally nervewracking for me LOL. He is doing really well though. Today is his last session.

I am ready for the weekend and hope that the rest of us don't get sick.

Thanks for reading if you got this far..........I did kinda ramble on but hey I am working on very little sleep.

Feb 9, 2009

Do you??




or any other social networking sites????

Please let me know....I would love to add you as a friend!!!

Feb 6, 2009

A letter challenge "J"

Melissa over at The Land of Foo http://thelandoffoo.blogspot.com/was recently challenged by writing ten things she loved that started with the letter "N". I thought I would play along and she sent me the letter "J". Let’s see how I do…….

1. Jewelry-I don’t wear much but love my wedding set

2. Jazz dancing or any dancing that my daughter Meghan is doing. She loves to dance and it shows!!

3. Juniper- I love the smell of it burning. We got to experience this wonderful scent on a trip to Arizona last January for hubby’s 5oth birthday.

4. Job-I really like the one I have…..it is hard, but good.

5. Joy-seeing joy through my kids eyes is the best!!!!!!!

6. Jeans-finding a pair that fits and looks good there is almost nothing better LOL. I am need of some new ones but hate the whole process of searching for the “right” ones.

7. Jesus…..I am working on this one….my faith has been shaken and not strong in recent years, but I am trying to work on it…but it scares me a bit honestly.

8. Juice- cranberry grape to be specific…I could drink it until my belly hurts…not sure why I like it so much

9. Jam……strawberry on a warm biscuit……YUM!!!!!!

10. John....last but not least …..my hubby…he’s a keeper!!

This was fun and a bit challenging for me....but I laid it out there.

If you want to play along....I can send you a letter too.

Happy Birthday

It is my daughters 10th birthday. I can not believe she is that old already....time just flies once you have kidlets.

She picked out her birthday dinner and cake. So I will work on that today. We are having our family party tonight. In a few weeks she is having a sleepover party with her friends.

Feb 5, 2009

Kicking the FUNK

I feel myself starting to shake the funk!!!

I haven't had anything I thought was blog worthy lately.

Tomorrow is a big day! My baby girl turns 10.