Jan 12, 2009

Starting the week off right!

I am off to a good start. My menu is planned for the week. I exercised this morning. And have gotten some deep cleaning done in the kitchen. Also attempting to reformat our old computer for the kids to use in the game room...so far so good with that.

I am making this Recipe: No-Knead Bread - New York Times today and some French Onion soup. It should hit the spot on this cold day.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes as well....I plan to keep a positive attitude...so that should help.


Karies place said...

Hey girl, where's my blog at? :)

Mrs. Valente said...

French Onion Soup sounds soooo good right now. I'm gonna get on that in time for lunch!

Julieann said...

YUMMY----French Onion soup is soooooo good. Let us know how the bread turned out--I will have to try it!


It's Always Something Around Here said...

The bread was wonderful and super simple!!!!