Dec 30, 2008

Time to clean and organize

Every year after Christmas I start a major cleaning/decluttering/reorganization around the house. This year we started in Meghan's room. It is looks so good and we plan to finish it up today. We rearranged the whole room and it looks so good. Not sure where I will head next probably the game room or my closet.

Anyone else get this urge this time of year?


Karies place said...

Sometimes I do, but it takes me several attempts before I finally give in and do. Thankfully I have at least 1 child that can do his own room. I have to "Help" the girls with theirs.

Denise K. said...

Oh yes, I love to clean, reorganize, and sort...I always say that there is no better feeling than a clean house! When my life feels out of control, a clean house brings everything back into perspective!

Wishing you many blessings in 2009! With love from Colorado, Denise

Vicki said...

Definitely! I hate bringing all the new stuff into a cluttered house. Christmas night I was rearranging the playroom and decluttering LOL.