Oct 27, 2008

Need Decorating Advice

This is my first floor bath. We remodelled it just last year. I am at a loss for how to decorate it....this is so not like me!!!!
So any ideas???? What would you add????....take away????? HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shannon said...

It is so pretty! I love the bead board and vanity!

I think it looks good but to me everything looks the same color. Especially the shower curtain and walls. If it were my bathroom, I would probably pick an accent color and add more of that. It looks like you might be trying to add dark brown. Maybe a dark brown shower curtain to go with your hand towel? And a matching bath towel. Also, I would make the window rod the same color as the shower curtain and maybe a darker shade.

I really do love your bathroom though! It is so charming!

Anonymous said...

I love it and it is so clean and crisp. I agree that it all blends. If you love the picture maybe pull one or two colors from it and add in towel an hand towel.
I also think your rook is to fancy for the wreath. You could really bring color to that wall. Maybe plates and yes they are for bathrooms=)
Can't wait to see what you do to this lovely room.

Vicki said...

I would go with a more colorful shower curtain and whatever colors are in it get towels to match. Is there a rug in there? If not that would look good. Hey, even without doing anything to it I love it. I just wish we had a bigger bathroom to decorate.

Shannon said...

I hung my plates with plate hangers from Walmart. You can get them at any home improvement store too. They are with the picture hangers and nail. Also, they have them at hobby lobby too.

Justabeachkat said...

It looks very nice to me, but I know sometimes we just need a change, right? I suggest you replace the framed print with something a little larger and with more color to it and then maybe pull one of the colors out of it for towels.

Good luck. Show us what you end of doing.


southerninspiration said...

That would be a good start, too, in my opinion.....it needs a good accent color. Decide on one that would really pop, and get a few accessories in that color. I think i'd do away with the wreath, too.